Based on the user’s journey in a digital world, we felt that information was too scattered as the online landscape feels bigger than Space and although you may find every answer in the digital space but one has to make some effort, use a certain tools, keep multiple apps or browse through different sites. But in a fast paced digital world, User experience is often kept secondary and hence information is also cluttered with many options to push the user away. Keeping this in mind, we wanted to come up with a solution which will not only Bridge Content but will also keep us away from competing with multiple apps within a phone’s menu. Hence our Creative brains along with our exceptional Development team members in Seoul decided to Launch a Lockscreen app which will showcase content based on User’s interest and would also do so without going into an app.

With SLIDE users get to choose from a variety of content categories and consume content on their android lockscreen. And to spice it up a little more, we decided to attach it with a Reward Program which once again is 1st of it’s kind in Pakistan. SLIDE user’s not only get the most recent content of their choice ranging from News, Sports, Tech, Fashion, Promotions and much more but also are able to redeem these points thru paying their phone bills currently. And the good news is, we’re not stopping there, Very soon, you’ll be able to purchase movie tickets, get special discounts on your favorite Clothing store and pay other bills via our Reward program. Yes, we’ve kept it quite simple. You SLIDE, We Reward. And just to add a little more flavor to this amazing deal, Our Invite Feature allows You to earn some more Money, Currently Every friend you invite on SLIDE, gets both of you Rs 10. So what are you waiting for, Download SLIDE and invite everyone to be part of Pakistan’s 1st Lockscreen app.

A little More about Who we are:

Junaid Malik

CEO Pakistan

Junaid Malik a familiar name in Pakistan’s Tech/digital industry is the CEO of SLIDE Pakistan. With over 16 years of experience, Junaid is the man who recently left his job as COO Bramerz, One of the top Digital Media

Agency’s in Pakistan but He is also no stranger to startups as he was part of the core team of Pakistan’s 1st mobile social platform called Pring where he served as VP customer Development.

“SLIDE is definitely bringing innovation to Pakistan’s tech industry. Our Goal is to Bridge the digital gap but keeping our users happy is our top priority. This is and definitely will be the most talked about Product since we are Pakistan’s 1st lockscreen app which will reward its users. We as a team are fully equipped and committed to make this a success” ---Junaid Malik